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Benefit from all the advantages of a reputable bank with good customer service and high flexibility! Such online loan offers are usually always cheaper than the offers of the bank branch. Although the branch banks are always working harder, you can usually find the cheapest interest rates online. Apply for your personal loan or Lombard loan and benefit from favorable interest rates and attractive conditions. Make sure you get favorable interest rates on a permanent basis; plan in advance with fixed monthly installments; replace expensive loans with other banks; freely selectable term of payment; secure a loan on request.

Many benefits of a LFO bank personal loan

Many benefits of a LFO bank personal loan

The private loan of Dundes Bank offers significantly better liquidity and is also suitable for the satisfaction of spontaneous wishes. This innovative financing product combines the spontaneity of the customers with the necessary security and common sense, so that a borrower can enjoy his own individual LFO bank personal loan to a high degree. This is because the client has the option to include the credit protection in the contract.

This ensures that repayment of the loan is always guaranteed, even if the insured event occurs during the contract period. Whatever a borrower wants, here the wishes come true with a clear conscience. If, during the contract period, something changes over time, the borrower does not have to worry about the repayment thanks to the supplementary credit insurance.

You can apply for a loan here through Dundes Bank.

You can apply for a loan here through Dundes Bank.

First, the amount of loan sought, the duration and the purpose of the loan must be adjusted: sickness, unemployment or incapacity for work can quickly halt the repayment of a loan. A cheap premium for hedging against all these risks, which of course nobody really wants.

In the event of damage, the advance payments still to be paid are fully covered by the credit insurance. Especially in the modern world, this additional possibility of securing credit is particularly significant. Many advantages and complete mobility make Dundes Bank’s personal loan so interesting for debtors. Loan amounts of 5000 to 50000 USD are available.

The period can be between 12 and 120 months. The repayment installments can also be individually calculated according to your wishes, so that you have the maximum amount of room for repayment. The required credit check is quick and easy. In the case of a loan commitment, the amount is transferred to the current account as quickly as possible.

Many of our clients have already been able to convince themselves of the favorable conditions, above all in a direct comparison with other financing. The repayment of existing expensive loans is also possible, so that effective savings can be achieved. When you take out a personal loan with Dundes Bank, you also benefit from generous discounts. Because, when part of the loan amount is used for cash payment, the consumer has the opportunity to receive a generous discount.

In addition to personal loans, real estate financing is also offered. In addition to an annuity loan, a term loan, a variable rate loan, government support is also provided. The same monthly installment applies to annuity loans over the entire duration. This not only means plan security, but also long-term fixed interest rates. In the case of repayment loans, repayment is only to be made at the end of the contract period.

With the “floating rate” loan, the interest rate is adjusted in certain periods to the respective market situation. In addition, funding opportunities are examined and, if necessary, included in the financing of real estate financing. The term stands for German Settlement and State Pension Bank. This made it easier for citizens to access credit.

The loan was financed by the so-called “sea treatment”, which existed since 1772. 1966, the localities bank was merged with the state pension bank and renamed the German settlement and landesrentenbank (LFO bank). The Confederation has since 1981 allowed the general lending business. Dundes Post AG will take over the bond with the complete sale of its shares.

All Dundes Bank credits can be found in our credit rating comparison, which you can access via our homepage or right here.