Credit without information

A loan without information in the strict sense is not possible because the customer must at least give his name and address. However, it is possible to get a loan with almost no information. The application without a guarantee contract and credit bureau is quick and uncomplicated: The loan can be applied for without a credit bureau via a ready-made form, which can be found on the websites of online credit intermediaries. The loan application is without guarantor. An explanation over at

Credit without details

Credit without details

A loan without information in the strict sense is not possible because the client must at least provide his own last name and address, so that the lender addresses him in case of incorrect repayment. In most cases, the lending institution also requires the customer’s corresponding bank account number because loans are only granted in exceptional cash.

However, it is possible to get a loan with almost no information. When lending via the network is often dispensed with numerous information, so that the loan application can be processed quickly and inexpensively. Because checking the information on current income takes time, online banks in particular often offer lower credit without any income.

A loan without income data is initially easier for the client to lend. However, he must ask the question of whether he can really pay off the loan as agreed, since the house bank can not carry out this test when granting the loan, of course, without specific income data. Often, the explanation that the house bank has approved and paid out a loan without information merely indicates that the borrower did not have to give any purpose for the borrowed capital.

The disbursement of loans for free sale and without information on the purpose is now common practice. An indication of what the borrowed funds should be used for is only necessary for home loans and larger amounts of credit. The intended use is appropriate if the loan is to be used to finance a car or motorcycle, as in this case there are special conditions for some banks.

Credit without employment proof

Credit without employment proof

Anyone who needs a lot of money and can not make it available from their own resources, depends on a loan. 2. There are enough local credit institutions, but they only lend under certain conditions. They are the first who are convinced of the creditworthiness of the debtors and wish, among other things, a current proof of wages or income.

Under no circumstances will borrowers receive a loan without proof of employment from an ordinary local bank and will have to look for other options. The search is over in the net, because there are some direct banks, which also grant a loan without proof of employment on favorable terms. A bond without proof of employment from a house bank is only granted if the lender is convinced that he will get his capital back.

Therefore, the borrowers have to provide sufficient security, but proof of employment is irrelevant in such a case. Good securities include, for example, a guarantor or a death insurance or a property of your own, if these exist. Direct credit institutions granting a loan without proof of employment incur an increased credit risk and therefore charge a higher interest rate than traditional credit institutions.

In any case, such a loan will be more costly for the borrower than a normal loan, but it is still the only possible solution for people who do not want or can not provide employment proof. However, in order to achieve the best possible conditions and interest rates, a comprehensive internet comparison should definitely be used.

After only a few minutes, a suitable service provider is found, which provides a loan without proof of employment at comparatively low interest rates. Because no proof of employment is required for a loan without proof of employment, the processing of the application takes much less time than for a normal loan. The loan is not tied to a specific purpose and can be used for any form of purchase.

The conditions such. For example, the duration and amount of the loan, to a certain extent freely selectable. The repayment of the loan takes place without employment proof over a monthly interest rate frame; the longer the repayment term, the more the interest rate.