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The education credit program offers students in further training phases a short-term, low-interest loan that can be taken in addition to or in addition to the Credit aid. The education loan from the Federal Office of Administration is a low-interest loan that students can apply for at an advanced stage of their studies. An educational loan is a low-interest loan from Intrasavings for students and trainees. It only supports those who have already reached an advanced stage of their education. The Education Loan provides a term loan to support adult students and students in continuing education. Read for a critique

Explanations for school classes

Explanations for school classes

According to the funding guidelines, the education voucher can only be awarded to students of age who are not yet 36 years of age. This allows the student loan to be approved and disbursed by the time you reach the age of 36. An internship abroad can be supported if it corresponds to further education in Germany.

A qualification is a professional qualification if it offers the opportunity to take up a profession. In contrast, the Fachabitur and the Berufsmatura are not professional qualifications, but general educational qualifications. The same applies to the previous year and the vocational school, which offers a school education without professional qualification. Only if you already have a vocational qualification as defined above, these general education programs are eligible.

The education loan can be awarded not only for initial education but also for secondary and post-graduate education. If you do several trainings in parallel, they can not be co-funded. With a two-year training period, this can be supported from the beginning with the education loan. The educational loan can be awarded over a longer period only within the past 24 months.

A mandatory internship after primary school education is part of the training. The entire period of training (from … to … including internship, year of recognition) and the desired degree must be clearly stated here. The school education is full-time, if the number of hours per week is at least 20.

Eradication of education loan

Eradication of education loan

The repayment start is four years after the due date of the first payment. It has to be repaid to the Intrasavings . It should be noted that the sums paid are usually collected from the bank account to which the educational loan was paid. Please keep in mind that you have to inform us about any changes (address, bank details, etc.).

It is possible to repay the Intrasavings in any order of magnitude before the repayment begins. If you need further information on the early repayment of your education loan, please contact the Intrasavings in Berlin. Provisional insolvency: If you can not repay the student loan as agreed, the student loan can be deferred for a maximum of 24 months at the Intrasavings .

Applications for deferment of the education loan must be submitted to the Intrasavings . Repayment of Multiple Grants with the Educational Loan: If you have been granted multiple educational loans, no repayment will be made during the payout period of an educational loan. The repayment begins immediately after payment of the last partial payment. For further information on loan repayment please contact the Intrasavings .

If you have to repay additional educational grants in addition to the educational loan, we kindly ask you to inform yourself about the appropriate payment methods in good time. Please note that educational loans, bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as other educational loans are given and taken care of by different institutions. An exchange of data does not take place, changes are to be reported to the authority separately.

Above all, there is no exchange between Credit aid loans and educational loans. At this point, we would like to point out the following peculiarities in the repayment of your Credit aid loan: The amount of the Credit aid loan depends on the amount of the loan: For the repayment of the Credit aid loan, an income compensation was determined by the legal representative. Your income subsidy will be increased on request to the repayment rate of the education loan. If you have further information on the Credit aid repayment in connection with the repatriation of the education credit, the contact persons of the Credit aid service hotline are at your disposal.