Make your idea come true with payday without paperwork!

The processing and all the management of payday loans without paperwork is done all over the Internet and do not usually ask for documentation , so you can get the money requested in a few minutes and deal with an unexpected immediately, or build your idea now.

For what purpose can I request a payday loan without paperwork?

Basically, for those ideas or projects that do not exceed 750-800 euros, and that you can face their return in one or two months. For example: a trip, paying for a banquet, buying a piece of furniture, buying a second-hand vehicle, paying for a car license, paying a license plate, buying or renovating something in the house, etc.

Given the speed and the best facilities that payday loan give without paperwork in front of other financial products, especially of the banks; ideas can take shape in less than a day (now or never) .

What is the cost of payday loans without paperwork?

What is the cost of payday loans without paperwork?

Mainly, the cost of minicredit paperless daily round 1.1% ie 33% monthly, although there are companies that charge 25%. That is, this scale usually ranges between 25 and 33%. For example, if we ask for € 100 to be returned in a month, after 30 days we will have to return € 133.

However, there are some payday loan without paperwork for free and without costs, so it is important to consult a credit comparison and make several simulations to determine the most appropriate to each need and case.

How can I request a payday loan without paperwork?

How can I request a payday loan without paperwork?

The request for a payday loan without paperwork to build your idea or for the project you want, is very simple. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Compare and simulate: access a credit comparison . There, they tell you all kinds of details and conditions of each, along with their costs, so that you can determine which is best for you: the amount of money they provide, the time you have to return it, the fee that you will have to pay. pay and, most importantly, for the cost that it has.

You can verify the information that the buyer tells you by entering each web page of each credit company, and there to make a simulation to verify, for sure, that it is the financial product you were looking for.

  1. Request: once the simulation is done on the website of the entity, and this is the payday loan without paperwork you were looking for, it is time to make the request. Normally, after doing the simulation, there is a shortcut button to request the loan. You will complete an online form with the following information: amount and term of the payday loan, personal data, economic situation, employment status and contact information.

You will only have to wait a few minutes for the manager to contact you via SMS or email, which will indicate whether your request has been accepted or not. If it is favorable, the clauses of the contract are read and accepted and in a few minutes you have the money transferred to your account, ready to cement your idea.

Payday loan for unemployed: an immediate alternative to cover expenses


In order to have a payday loan from these companies, you will need as proof that you are collecting unemployment along with other information that is simple and easy to supply. However, not all funding entities require it since being unemployed does not mean charging unemployment.

What happens if I stop collecting unemployment?

What happens if I stop collecting unemployment?

Being unemployed in itself is an exasperating situation, although there are financial options that help to be stable in terms of the economic environment, as do the payday loans for the unemployed, where generally only the proof of unemployment is needed. However, the situation becomes worse when that right is extinguished.

Failure to collect this benefit happens when the amount of corresponding monthly payments is exceeded, a circumstance that at the same time depends on the number of days that have been paid to the Social Security. However, the maximum term tends to oscillate 24 months.

However, the reality is that people who have no employment and no money, is that at the time of ceasing to be the holder of their right to unemployment benefit, they have at their disposal another series of financial aid that can be obtained through alternatives state or autonomous, whose amounts may be, to have family charges, over 400 euros. But sometimes that money is not enough for all the expenses that must be covered.

The curious thing about this is that even the financing companies that admit to processing requests from those who are collecting any subsidy, take it into account as they consider it a way that the borrower can respond to the payment of the payday loan. So if your right to unemployment benefit is extinguished, opt for a state or regional aid and at the same time request a payday loan.

payday loans for unemployed without proof of income: is it possible?

payday loans for unemployed without proof of income: is it possible?

The answer is no. It is not possible to obtain the approval of payday loans for unemployed without proof of income, since the financing entity needs the applicant to guarantee that he receives recurrent income since in one way or another he will be guaranteeing the payment of the payday loan. However, this requirement does not only apply to unemployed people, it is for anyone. At least this is how many online money supply companies have established it. That is, depending on the financial entity, if a certification of income is not provided, the application will not be admitted.

In addition to proof of income, there are other conditions that must be met to get a payday loan, and they are:

  • Age: the person must be 18 years old, minimum.
  • Legal situation: the person must be a Spanish citizen, or failing that, have a residence permit. In both cases, it will be essential to provide the respective document, which is the DNI or the NIE.
  • Pecuniary obligations: the person must not have current debts against other payday loans.

In certain websites of financing companies it will not be necessary to present some proof to prove the validity of debts. The reason for this is because there are automatic softwares capable of verifying if the person has pecuniary obligations. And not only know if you have them, but also determine what type they are.

Specialization of payday loans for unemployed

payday loans for the unemployed have several peculiarities, such as payday loans with enough money for people close to social exclusion who do not have financing to pay their lease, close debts or carry out reforms at home.

With the money granted they can cover these types of expenses since they are payday loans that are specially designed for people who lost their jobs, and because of their work situation, they face too many obstacles to get money borrowed online in a normal way.

Because the labor situation is taken into account, many entities offer between 5 and 6 years to pay the payday loan. This happens when there are large amounts, such as 20,000 euros and even more money, designating a fixed interest rate of 4%.

If you are unemployed, you know what to do: turn to payday loans for the unemployed. With this excellent financial option you can conserve your economic stability and guarantee both your basic needs and those of your family.

Documentation to request a quick payday loan without paperwork


Why are they so beneficial for the client?

Why are they so beneficial for the client?

Years ago, the processing of a payday loan extended much more in time. It was necessary that the future client complete numerous bureaucratic procedures to process his payday loan application. The client was required to personally go to the bank office to obtain liquidity in the face of an economic emergency .

However, new technologies make it possible for every consumer who wants to ask for money at any given moment to manage the process from a simple mobile, without having to leave home.

Internet has streamlined this process, making it much more accessible to the customer , so that it is possible to enjoy the money requested in a matter of minutes, without having to set foot in the bank office.

The appearance of quick payday loan without paperwork makes it feasible for the financial company to make available to the customer the amount requested practically instantaneously to their request.

By accessing the online platform corresponding to the financial institution to which it has been decided to request the payday loan, a simple form will be downloaded, which must be completed and a photocopy of the basic documents required will be sent . Then, the payday loan request will be analyzed.

When the financier verifies that the future client meets the necessary requirements and approves the request , authorization will be given to enter the amount of money in the account number indicated automatically.

Properly, the new appearance of private payday loan entities has grown remarkably , which generates a plurality of offers of financial instruments with competitive prices.

The variety of economic market options is so extensive that it would take hours for the consumer to make a correct selection. Once again the Internet and new technologies will be a support in this preliminary phase, accelerating all the selection procedures.

Main aspects to take into account when asking for a quick payday loan without paperwork


There are a series of elements that must be observed regardless of the economic capacity of each client and their specific needs.

At the moment of requesting a fast payday loan without paperwork, the client must perfectly examine a series of extremes, such as those cited below:

  • The applicable interest rate While it is usually a constant that the customer seeks the lowest interest rate for the payday loan in question, caution should be used because often too low interest rates can lead to additional fees or expenses. The interest rate could be defined, in simple terms such as the sum of money that we will have to pay once the amount that the client has requested is covered.
  • Commissions and extra expenses . It is still a value that arouses distrust among users, as it arouses concern about a possible lack of knowledge of these payday loan elements. The current regulations require that all the conditions of the contract be drafted in a clear, concrete and simple way, avoiding obscure or incomprehensible words. It is about the client knowing exactly what is being forced
  • payday loan return period . In general, the return period is a negotiable element between the parties and is related to the applicable interest rate and the fee

When fast payday loans are requested without paperwork, there is the possibility of changing the payment method in case the client so wishes, depending on their own preferences. In this way, the payday loan applicant will have the possibility to choose according to their wishes.

As the requested payday loan is processed through the Internet, the payment can be automatically programmed for the different periodic repayment installments or the client can return the amount of the payday loan in advance, saving interest.

Quick payday loan with list of defaulters, know them!


As for payday loan terms and interests, although it may seem strange, there is not much difference with respect to normal payday loans, no particularly high interest rates or other very demanding clauses for the borrower are imposed.

What are the conditions that I must meet to be granted a payday loan with list of defaulters?

Although the conditions of companies that accept this type of payday loan with list of defaulters are much more relaxed than that of banks, basic requirements must be met.

On the one hand, these companies can demand from the user that they have well-accredited identification data as well as documents proving that they legally reside in Spain. Some entities require the subject to prove having regular income or some proof of solvency.

In addition, the age of the applicant of the credit in most cases is usually a requirement . For example, having more than 23 years (depends on the entity) and, almost as a general rule, the applications of people who appear in the delinquency file for debts owed to banks, or of an amount greater than € 1,000, are not allowed. .

Documentation required to grant a payday loan with list of defaulters

Documentation required to grant a payday loan with list of defaulters

The documentation required will be based on the conditions described above. This process is going to be much simpler than the one used by the banks or the usual credit entities, since it will not take the applicant more than 5 or 10 minutes since the documents will be able to be delivered instantly and online. .

The requested documents must prove the identification of the applicant and their legal residence in Spain, such as the NIE or the DNI. Also, it is normal to ask for proof of the solvency or of the perception of income (such as the latest payrolls), as well as the documentation that allows knowing the reason and amount of the debt for which it is included in the delinquency file. In some cases, they can even request the identity of the creditor. Finally, the usual thing is to ask for some means of contact to send documentation.

If all these conditions are met, be in possession of a customary income, reside in Spain, know the debt for which you are included in list of defaulters , meet the age of majority required by the entity and not exceed the amount in the application, then the chances of success are assured.

What happens at the moment they include me in list of defaulters?

What happens at the moment they include me in list of defaulters?

When a company associated with list of defaulters includes the information of a person in its file for having incurred a non-payment , whatever the amount, banks automatically close all possibilities to that person to obtain a credit. What minimizes the risks of the company to the credit applicant

At the other extreme, you would find the debtor who, from the moment he is included in a delinquency file, must be aware that it will be impossible to request a payday loan while at list of defaulters and that a bank will grant it.

And being included in an list of defaulters file makes the user technically a defaulter . This means that in the face of financing companies these people will have more problems when requesting any amount, since they do not provide confidence to financial institutions.

Late payment usually has a strong negative impact on the viability of the companies that evidently look for the clients that provide the greatest confidence in order to obtain the recovery of the amounts owed.

However, thanks to the new online financing channels that have been opened on the Internet, the possibilities of obtaining a payday loan with list of defaulters have grown considerably, making it possible for consumers included in a file of defaulters to be successful.

It is possible to get a payday loan while at defaulters list


Entering these files is not complicated. Simply by not paying a receipt for a service like the telephone, for not paying a fine or for delaying payment of payday loans, you can end up entering. For this, the company that is affected by the non-payment sends a notification to the debtor and this must give a period of up to 30 days to pay the debt , otherwise it will become part of the file.

If you want to verify if you are in the registry, you can do it from home by filling out an online form. To leave defaulters list, you must pay off your debt, but it may not be easy for you at that time due to lack of liquidity.

If you are wondering if it is possible to get a quick payday loan while at defaulters list, the answer is yes. You should bear in mind that although there are entities that can give you the money, they usually charge a little high interest for the risk they run and the process involves a paperwork that does not guarantee speed in the approval.

How to ask for a payday loan if I am in defaulters list?

Internet is the solution. You have the option to request the so-called express payday loans that are usually granted by private payday loan institutions. For this, you will have to make the online application and in a matter of minutes you will have the money in your account.

These types of payday loans involve a simple process, do not require as much paperwork as conventional payday loans. For these entities, being on a list of defaulters is not a decisive factor for the approval or not of payday loan , in fact there are some portals specialized in giving payday loans to leave the defaulters list.

Also, you should know that many of these lenders do not request endorsement or guarantor , however, keep in mind that the sums they approve range between 500 and 600 euros, and some may grant up to 1,000 but the amount is usually not greater. Generally, they give a period of 30 days for the return.

In general, they will approve your payday loan easily if your debt does not exceed 2,000 euros . It is likely that if it is your first request for express payday loan, be more cautious in the amount to be approved, giving a maximum of 300 euros, but if you are a recurring customer that meets the payments, the amount may increase.

These lenders work in the process of making reports and consulting data to exit defaulters list. On the other hand, also offers payday loans for people who are in this type of files.

One of its advantages is that it allows you to obtain sums of up to 1,000 euros and gives you flexibility in the return period, up to 90 days.

If you need larger amounts, you will also have options. These payday loans can have figures between 100,000 and 150,000 euros, but require an endorsement, the most common is to put the house or car, in the case of the first you can ask for up to 70% of the value of the house.

As you can see, there is the possibility of obtaining financial help even when you are in defaulters list . Online micropayday loans are an accessible and quick solution for economic problems. Keep in mind that its function is to solve specific situations and, if it is your case, do not hesitate to resort to them. It will also be advisable that you try to get out of this file as quickly as possible, paying off your debt and requesting the registry to eliminate you. The maximum legal term that a person can be for a debt in defaulters list is six years since it is entered in it, after this time, your data will be automatically deleted from the file.

Convenience of payday loans

To access these payday loans, some guarantees must be offered to private equity companies , such as demonstrating the identity of the applicant and their ability to cope with the return of borrowed money.

It is also possible to have small loans through a bank, to achieve this you must be a client with demonstrable financial stability and have a relationship with the entity , such as direct debit of your payroll or other requirements that apply depending on the entity and the type of client.

When do payday loan suit you?

When do payday loan suit you?

Payday loan offered by private equity companies are financial products intended for people who can not apply for them at a
bank for different reasons, either by not having a payroll, although they have another type of regular income, for not having the appropriate age for the bank or for having contracted debts either with the bank or with other companies, such as They can be from supplies, other financial entities or vendors who have not been able to collect their debt.

  • The first situation that can occur to make it necessary to request a payday loan is a timely and urgent need for money . For example, before the urgent repair of a domestic fault that can cause a greater expense and a damage if it is not solved, also to have the necessary liquidity to buy food or face other essential purchases at that moment
  • If you are self-employed and you need a tool to work , be it a computer or another type of equipment, it is absolutely necessary that you do not dispense with it as your work will be affected, sometimes it will be impossible for you to carry it out and, as a consequence, you will not be able to earn money;
    wait a month to solve the problem can generate many losses. In that case, and given that many banking entities do not grant loan to the self-employed, you will have to resort to a payday loan with a private equity company to face the repair or replacement of your equipment.

Your age can be an impediment to get a payday loan in a bank. You may be too young or too old according to your consideration, then you will have great difficulty dealing with banks depending on your financial situation and the amount of money you need.

Many private equity companies specialize in people who are not in the more or less established age range to offer a credit return guarantee. Also your nationality and residence time in Spain can be an impediment, to solve it some private lenders companies request some requirements that, if fulfilled, lend the money without major difficulty.

What do I need to apply for a payday loan?

What do I need to apply for a payday loan?

• Be of legal age and be in the age range requested by the borrowing company. To prove it, you must have a valid DNI / NIE or identity document accepted by the company

• Demonstrate a history of regular income that will be collected until after the debt has been paid. It can be a payroll, unemployment benefit, a scholarship, if you are autonomous the presentation of the VAT and IRPF … or any document requested by the company that can lend you the money

• Sometimes the fact of being included in a list of defaulters is not an impediment to request a payday loan . However, the debt that has caused such inclusion of your data in one of these lists should not be related to any bank and its amount should be less than that established by the private equity company. Some companies have as a limit a debt of up to 100 euros and others allow up to 2,000. Therefore, even if the company accepts clients included in the ASNEF, it must consult its cap for the debt since, if it is exceeded, the request may be denied and the client may not have understood why.

• Have a bank account in the name of the applicant. Through it, the borrowed money will arrive and it is also possible that an extract of the passbook will be required to verify the expenses and the monthly income, in this way, the borrowing company will make sure that the person can face the return of the debt without prejudice to its