Payday loan for unemployed: an immediate alternative to cover expenses


In order to have a payday loan from these companies, you will need as proof that you are collecting unemployment along with other information that is simple and easy to supply. However, not all funding entities require it since being unemployed does not mean charging unemployment.

What happens if I stop collecting unemployment?

What happens if I stop collecting unemployment?

Being unemployed in itself is an exasperating situation, although there are financial options that help to be stable in terms of the economic environment, as do the payday loans for the unemployed, where generally only the proof of unemployment is needed. However, the situation becomes worse when that right is extinguished.

Failure to collect this benefit happens when the amount of corresponding monthly payments is exceeded, a circumstance that at the same time depends on the number of days that have been paid to the Social Security. However, the maximum term tends to oscillate 24 months.

However, the reality is that people who have no employment and no money, is that at the time of ceasing to be the holder of their right to unemployment benefit, they have at their disposal another series of financial aid that can be obtained through alternatives state or autonomous, whose amounts may be, to have family charges, over 400 euros. But sometimes that money is not enough for all the expenses that must be covered.

The curious thing about this is that even the financing companies that admit to processing requests from those who are collecting any subsidy, take it into account as they consider it a way that the borrower can respond to the payment of the payday loan. So if your right to unemployment benefit is extinguished, opt for a state or regional aid and at the same time request a payday loan.

payday loans for unemployed without proof of income: is it possible?

payday loans for unemployed without proof of income: is it possible?

The answer is no. It is not possible to obtain the approval of payday loans for unemployed without proof of income, since the financing entity needs the applicant to guarantee that he receives recurrent income since in one way or another he will be guaranteeing the payment of the payday loan. However, this requirement does not only apply to unemployed people, it is for anyone. At least this is how many online money supply companies have established it. That is, depending on the financial entity, if a certification of income is not provided, the application will not be admitted.

In addition to proof of income, there are other conditions that must be met to get a payday loan, and they are:

  • Age: the person must be 18 years old, minimum.
  • Legal situation: the person must be a Spanish citizen, or failing that, have a residence permit. In both cases, it will be essential to provide the respective document, which is the DNI or the NIE.
  • Pecuniary obligations: the person must not have current debts against other payday loans.

In certain websites of financing companies it will not be necessary to present some proof to prove the validity of debts. The reason for this is because there are automatic softwares capable of verifying if the person has pecuniary obligations. And not only know if you have them, but also determine what type they are.

Specialization of payday loans for unemployed

payday loans for the unemployed have several peculiarities, such as payday loans with enough money for people close to social exclusion who do not have financing to pay their lease, close debts or carry out reforms at home.

With the money granted they can cover these types of expenses since they are payday loans that are specially designed for people who lost their jobs, and because of their work situation, they face too many obstacles to get money borrowed online in a normal way.

Because the labor situation is taken into account, many entities offer between 5 and 6 years to pay the payday loan. This happens when there are large amounts, such as 20,000 euros and even more money, designating a fixed interest rate of 4%.

If you are unemployed, you know what to do: turn to payday loans for the unemployed. With this excellent financial option you can conserve your economic stability and guarantee both your basic needs and those of your family.