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The type of mortgage offers the borrower a high degree of planning security compared to a variable loan. Owners or buyers of a property can accurately calculate and plan their exposure. In the economy, annuity loans are loans repaid in constant, regular installments. As the residual debt decreases, so does the interest rate per installment, and the repayment installment increases until the loan for the house, apartment or other property is repaid. How to Calculate the Repayment of a Loan in Excel.

Repayment calculator

Repayment calculator

If you want to take out a mortgage loan or other mortgage loan, you should weigh the contractual options on their flexibility: You should go through all the options: What will change if I carry out unscheduled repayments or even interest rate changes? The repayment amount can be changed several times over the years, calculated as a percentage or installments and repayment loans, and calculated with other interest amounts for the time after the commitment period.

In this way, you can compare different versions with each other and immediately notice when changing a parameter, which changes occur in the course of the loan.

Loan rates – repayment differences

Loan rates - repayment differences

Once a loan has been completed, for example after consultation with our loan calculator, this claim must, of course, be repaid. Several paths, however, go back to the proverbial impeccable Roman Empire, because the lending rates may have different compositions or the repayments fail according to different temporal aspects.

This is one of the most common forms of amortization. Because a fixed amount of money is paid in each calendar month or period, the logical basis for this type of repayment is most catchy. The structure of lending rates, which the borrower does not even deliberately record, changes profoundly.

Behind it are two components, because on the one hand the debt is repaid and on the other hand the borrowing costs – the interest – are paid out in this way. The fixed amount is a parameter for the loan calculator and the following quotation.

This change in composition is illustrated by a very simple example in which all borrowing costs are excluded except interest and we consider 3 different (monthly) maturities with a loan amount of 1,000.00 and a 10% interest rate. This shortlist can also be called a simplified repayment plan, and after the third phase, the debt has fallen to nearly zero (38 cents remain).

The interest rate is always stable, although in the first phase only about 75% of the interest rate was part of the repayment, while in the second phase over 90% of the interest rate was used for the repayment. The total interest cost can also be calculated as 206.38. In reality, such a repayment schedule will of course result in some further considerations, such as a loan start date, when no tranches are used and only interest accrued, with the repayment rate getting smaller at the beginning.

However, these usually reduce the loan amount and only increase the initial debt, but must be included in the calculation. The repayment is also made with a variable interest rate, but with a fixed repayment rate. In principle, this payment method is often used for variable interest rates. For mortgage loans, final repayment is often considered. Third

The term already says everything about the repayment. It should be noted that the compound interest does not reduce the borrowing costs periodically or annually, as in the above cases, but increases them. However, because the final repayment is usually covered by some form of savings, such as endowment life insurance, interest income can offset or at least partially offset these additional costs.

With this type of repayment you should have a certain creditworthiness and it is rarely offered by a calculator to finance a loan. The second and third important forms of credit for private individuals are recommended especially for those who deal with the issue of capital markets and can successfully work on the following issues: